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Cooper Green Design completes Daylight and Views credit calculations using daylight modeling, spreadsheet calculations, on-site measuring, or a hybrid approach. Cooper Green Design has expertise in all LEED daylight documentation methods.

Daylight Measuring

Our on-site measuring involves a scheduled site visit during which we use light meters to take daylight readings throughout occupied spaces. Measurements are taken at the workplane, which is usually 30 inches above the floor, and all electric lighting is turned off. We take measurements on a maximum 10 foot grid, which complies with LEED Credit 8.1 Daylight and Views: Daylight documentation requirements. For projects with small rooms, complex geometries, or multiple daylight strategies, we take more frequent measurements on a 5ft grid.

Measurements are taken under natural lighting conditions. We schedule visits during daylight hours, and the measurements at most facilities can be completed while the rooms are occupied with minimal disruption. If needed, we schedule measurements during weekends or holidays when rooms are unoccupied.

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LEED GA Study Group Announcement

Cooper Green Design is moving on 6/15/2011. Please contact us for our temporary mailing address. Phone and email accounts will remain the same.
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